2018 Super Stock Rules



1. Open to all two door North American made steel bodied passenger cars from 1965 to present with a 108" minimum and 112" maximum. Camaro or Firebird from 1970 to 1981 with the front and rear sub-frame connected are allowed. Must be full tube rear housing. No uni-frame chassis allowed.

2. Car body and overall appearance must retain stock dimensions. Altered body lines will be significant reason for disqualification. The body may not be lowered on the frame. The body must be mounted in original factory location in relation to the frame. Frame must remain stock front to rear. Rear may be reinforced, but must remain stock. Rear may be crossed. No holes. Speedrome officials may allow repairs to the rear frame rail using 2"x3"x.120 wall tubing from center line of rear axles back only, MUST BE APPROVED. Stock dimension windshield pillars must be retained. Windshield pillars and windshield angle must remain stock. Steel, Aluminum or Composite bodies are allowed.

3. All glass , including windshield, must be removed. Windshield must have 4- 3 inch tabs (2 on top, 2 on bottom) and 2 inter center braces. Windshield must be replaced by Lexan. Windshield must be full. An approved screen may be used as an alternative to a windshield. No chicken wire or aluminum screen allowed.

4. Body molding including door handles must be removed. Doors must be welded or securely fastened front and back. Door skins may be fabricated but must be made of steel only and maintain factory body lines.

5. Interior of the car must be completely stripped. Driver must sit in stock position, and seat (bottom front) may not be any further back than 76 inches from left ball joint. Floor must be stock front to rear. Rusted areas may be replaced with 22- gauge steel.

6. Battery must be anchored and mounted inside a spill proof container outside of the driver’s compartment. Battery may be mounted on right side floor of car inside frame rail in a steel box made of no less than 20 gauge steel. Must be completely covered, sealed and bolted down. This must be approved by Speedrome officials. Only ONE 12 volt battery allowed.

7. Front firewall must be steel with all the holes covered with no less than 20- gauge steel, and must remain in the original position and location. Rear firewall must be completely closed off from the trunk compartment with 18- gauge steel, which must be riveted or welded.

8. No front spoilers are permitted. Non-adjustable rear spoiler. Spoiler shall not exceed 5 inched in height, 54 inches in length and must maintain a 40 to 50 degree angle and be centered side to side and front to rear. No rudders side enclosures, lips, bends or forward mounting brackets are allowed. No decals will be allowed on the spoiler at anytime.

9. Front inner fender panels may be removed.

10. Stock or replacement front and rear bumpers must be in original location. No bracing outside of the bumper. You may use a plastic nose and tail panels.

11. All uni-body cars must have a minimum 2 inch sub frame. The sub frame must be no less then .120 wall thickness.

12. No hood scoops. No bolts or other supports to raise the center of hood at windshield side. No air boxes of any kind. 2 inch cowl hood for air cleaner (2101 is taller) lower air filter bottom is allowed to gain clearance. Hood must be closed of at windshield.

13. Body panels are not to go below frame rails on any part of the car.

14. Car must have full frame front to rear as it come from factory.

15. Radiator must have an overflow can mounted securely, one gallon minimum. Radiator must be copper, brass and aluminum stock type. NO ANTIFREEZE ALLOWED!! WATER ONLY!

16. Driver’s side 1" web net with a quick release is mandatory. Mesh nets are prohibited.

17. Steel drive shafts only.

18. Only one external maximum 1 ˝ inch nerf bar allowed with no sharp edges. Skin tight to the body located between front and rear wheels and parallel to the ground.

19. All cars must be neatly painted and professionally lettered. Numbers 00-99, 2 digits only. No letters. Numbers must be 18" high. Numbers must be registered with the Speedrome.

20. All teams must have and maintain a one-way radio/ scanner for direct communication with the Chemung Speedrome tower. This helps with positioning and safety. TRACK RADIO- 454.000.


22. NO MIRRORS or reflecting devices are allowed that would enable the driver to see the car behind/around them.


1. Stock unaltered engine. Must be within the chassis as a factory item including all engine accessories except air filters and valve covers and oil pan. Engine must match make and model of car used. All engine blocks must be standard production. Blocks must have stock external and internal measurements. V8 engines only. No aluminum engine blocks or heads.

2. Engine maximum displacement:
Ford 351 c.i. maximum overbore .060
GM 350 c.i. maximum overbore .060

3. All cars must be self starting. No push starting.

4. Crankshaft height is 15".

5. Camshaft: Any hydraulic or solid cam may be used. Stock OEM diameter lifters must be used (.842 diameter for Chevy). No roller lifters. Lifter bores must not be indexed. Lifter bores must remain stock. Sleeves are not allowed. Aftermarket crankshafts may be used if the are a direct replacement for stock. Minimum weight is 48 lbs. No scalloped counterweights. No reduced diameter counterweights. No gun drilled crankshafts. Stock factory OEM bearing diameters only. Normal balancing , with drilling perpendicular to main journals only. Stroke must remain stock. Hydraulic or solid camshafts may be used. No roller cams or lifters of any type.

6. Pistons: Aftermarket stock type pistons may be used. No internal heat coatings or thermal barriers. Valve relief's maybe cut in pistons. GM engines must use stock OEM type flat top or dished pistons. No Domed pistons allowed. All Ford must use OEM equivalent 9-1 CR pistons. No portion of the piston may protrude above the block surface. Minimum weight of one piston and one piston pin 550 grams. No light weight pistons.

7. All engines must use stock type crank, and block. After market connecting rods may be used if they are a direct replacement for stock OEM in weight. Rod must meet or exceed the factory stock weight of the rod it replaces.

8. Extra capacity oil pans allowed. Oil pan must have an inspection hole 1 1/4 inches. Must be unobstructed. Located 9 ˝ inches from rear of block base or 4 ˝ inches from front block base, 1 1/4 inches from oil pan rail. Side kick out oil pans will be allowed. Side rails must be exposed. No thru bolt pans.

9. Cylinder heads must be factory stock production cast iron allowed. Stock standard GM Voetec heads allowed part # 906 and 062. A hydraulic or solid camshaft with a maximum lift is 0.450" intake, 0.500"exhaust, checked at the valve if using the Vortec heads. Aftermarket world product heads part # 42660 or 42670. Heads must have stock internal and external measurements. No Boss Ford or Pontiac Ram Air heads allowed. Studs may be pinned. Screw in studs with guile plates allowed. Steel valve spring retainers only. Steel valves only. No undercut valves allowed. Stock valve stem diameter. Multiple angle valve jobs are permitted. All cutting with reference to the valve job must be centered off the centerline of the valve guide. Bowl cutting will be a maximum of one inch from bottom of seat face contact angle. Surfaces and or edges were the seat cutter has touched must not be blended, or polished. No hand grinding, polishing, or acid dipping permitted on any part of the heads. No exterior or interior coatings epoxy, or welding on heads.

9a. Dart part number 10024266 cylinder head casting may be used. The casting part number must be as produced by Dart, custom ordering of partial production/finishing is not permitted. Must still use intake mainifold per rule #17.

10. No engine oil coolers. Automatic transmission oil cooler must have mechanical connections. No hose clamps!!

11. Compression ratio must not exceed 10:1

12. Rocker arm ratio 1.5 or 1.6 Stud girdles allowed. Roller rockers, roller tip rockers will be allowed.

13. Valves maximum intake diameter 2.02", maximum exhaust 1.60". Valves must be stock steel. No PRO-flow valves, no titanium, etc.. Steel retainers only.

14. Holley #4412 500 CFM only. No HP HOLLY CARBURETORS. No HP holly metering blocks. Choke horn may not be removed. Boosters may not be changed. Booster size and shape must not be altered. Booster height must remain standard. Venturi area must not be altered. Casting ring must not be removed. No grinding or polishing. No modifications to the base plate. Throttle shafts must remain standard and must not be thinned or tapered. Stock butterflies may be drilled for idle holes, but must not be thinned or tapered. Removal of the choke plate and choke linkage, changing of jets, accelerator pump nozzle pump cams, and power valves permitted. Only one solid spacer made of aluminum or pheonolic plastic of a maximum height of one inch permitted. Only one .075 maximum gasket per side. No wedge shaped mounting surfaces, both top and bottom surfaces must be parallel. Spacer must have 2 holes maximum size 1.750 strait bore and match the base of carburetor. No air flow modifications. All linkage must be mechanical type. No cable types. Two springs mandatory. Toe strap mandatory.

15. Fuel pump: Electric fuel pumps are not permitted, cooling of the fuel pump is not permitted, only mechanical fuel pumps in stock location are allowed. No piston pumps permitted.

16. AIR FILER: All air must be filtered through the element. Top of the air cleaner must be solid with NO holes. Top and bottom of the air cleaner must be of the same diameter. NO air induction, ducts, baffles, tubes, funnels, or hats which may control the air leading to or through air filter, or inside air filter to redirect air into carburetor. The filter base must have a minimum round opening of 5 inches.. It will be permissible to shield the front area of the air cleaner up to a maximum of one half of the air cleaner circumference and no wider than the height of the element. A one (1) inch maximum height spacer may be used between the carburetor and the air cleaner. K&N Plastic top and Bottom ARE NOT Allowed. Only paper air filters will be allowed.

17. Intake Manifold: the following after market intake manifolds are approved for use:
Chevrolet: Edelbrock performer part # 2116 and 2101
Ford: Edelbrock performer part # 3781
Vortect : 2181

The intake must remain as produced by the original manufacturer and must be stamped with the part number. The manifold must not be modified, ported, polished or coated. No acid porting or etching of any kind.

18. Timing chain: Any timing chain and gears may be used. Degree bushings and offset crank gear keys may be used. No gear drive or belt drive types allowed.

19. Vibration damper must be stock OEM steel or cast iron.

20. Water pump must be OEM cast iron or aluminum pump. Stock steel bladed fans or electric fan will be allowed.

21. Mounting of Engines: Steel or rubber mounts acceptable. Rubber mounted engines must be chained down for safety. Engines must be in stock location with a minimum crank shaft centerline height of 15 inches to the ground. No cross breeding or interchanging of engine parts. All components must be available on a small block engines from the factory. No special order components.


1. Exhaust pipes must extend behind the driver’s door ahead of the rear tires and to the outside edges of the door. No H-pipes or cross over exhaust. Must be duel exhaust. Exhaust must be right and left. May exit under cars, must have down turns if exiting under cars. No one sided exhaust. The only approved mufflers for the Super Stocks is the Dynomax 24222.

2. Officials reserve the right of reject improper mounted exhaust systems! Exhaust headers must be a commercially manufactured header using a steel primary tube size of 1 5/8 “ minimum and a maximum of 1 3/4 “outside diameter. 1 5/8 “ to 1 3/4" step header permitted. Must be a conventional four into one collector with a maximum size of 3 1/2 inch OD. Maximum header flange will be 3/8 inch. NO header plates between heads and headers. NO adjustable headers. NO inserts allowed in any part of the header or collectors. NO 180 degree headers. NO stainless headers. NO merge. NO pyramid. NO Tri-y or similar style collector permitted. NO exhaust pipes allowed in driver's compartment. NO thermal wrap permitted on headers. NO crossover pipes permitted. NO coating of any type in headers. All exhaust pipes must be a single round steel 3" or 3 ˝ " pipe, with muffler.


1. Only stock OEM/ HEI ignition allowed. When using HEI ignition system, stock internal type coil must retained and must be in original position. No external coil allowed on HEI systems. After market distributor cap and rotor allowed. Stock ignition modules may be replaced with MSD# 8364 or Pro Comp # ML-482 circuit board modules. No magneto permitted. No ignition boxes. After market ignition wires may be used. Advanced kits and springs may be changed.


1. Steel drive shaft only. Drive shaft and universals must be similar to OEM production type. Drive shaft must be painted white or orange. Must have 2 steel hoops minimum 1/4 inch by 2 inch located within 12 inches from end.


1. Stock production automatic transmission for year and model of car is allowed. No high performance or special order transmissions allowed. NO MODIFYING OF TRANSMISSION IN ANY MANNER IS ALLOWED!! Reverse gear must be in working order.

2. All cars must have stock, unaltered OEM V8 cylinder torque converter with a stall speed between 1500-2700 RPMs. Stall speed will be checked with car in gear, on the ground measured with a tachometer. No Vega or similar small torque converters allowed.

3. Manual 3 or 4 speed transmission will be allowed. All gears must work!

4. The disc clutch housing assembly or cover shall be made from steel ONLY. Any single disc OEM production type clutch assembly, with a minimum 10 1/2 inch diameter steel hub disc. Stock type pressure plate. Any type throw out barring. No lighting or machine work on fly wheel of any kind. Clutch MUST be mounted inside an approved bell housing.

5. Stock type 3 or 4 speed transmissions. All gears must work. Only 1.1 to 1 in high gear.

6. Stock weight and diameter steel flex plates.


1. One piece steel wheels must be used and have a maximum width of 8". No more than 1 inch off set difference between any 2 wheels side to side, front to back. All four wheels must be heavy duty after market. No stock wheels. All wheels must be the same diameter. Heavy studs and nuts must be used. All 4 wheels must have a minimum of 5 lug nuts. Studs must extend through nuts.˝ Inch wheel studs recommended. With 1 inch lug nuts mandatory on all 4 wheels. Lug stud threads must go through the full thickness of the wheel nut on all 4 wheels.

2. Only "track-plated" American Racer Tires 27.0/10.0-15, 26.5/10.0-15 & 26.0/10.0-15, EC-31 will be used.

Tires must be purchased only from the Chemung Speedrome and scanned into drivers inventory to be legal. Tire purchases prior to the first scheduled race of the season may be made at Chemung Speedrome. All tires used must have been/be purchased at Chemung Speedrome.

Each tire will carry a special bar coded serial number. The legibility of the bar code is the sole responsibility of the driver. This number will be scanned/logged into a drivers database designating it as a tire for use at Chemung Speedrome. Each scanned/logged serial number will be placed in a Tire Inventory that will be assigned to the driver that the tires have been purchased for.

In the event a driver changes cars for qualifying or feature racing, their tire inventory must accompany them to the new car. Each driver must keep their Tire Inventory current with Chemung Speedrome Officials.

For the first race of the season, drivers will be allowed a maximum of twelve (12) tires in their inventory. Four (4) new tires may be purchased before/on opening night and these four (4) tires MUST be used on opening night if purchased.

For each feature event attended, a driver will be allowed to buy a one (1) NEW tire at the next event. This tire must be used at the next race event AND this tire must be raced that night. There is no obligation to have to buy new tires. If this tire is not bought at the next event, the driver then forfeits said tire. There is no tire banking allowed.

The amount of extra tires allowed for longer distance feature events will be determined by Chemung Speedrome Officials.

After first completed event at Chemung Speedrome, any new driver will only be allowed to start their season off with one (1) NEW tire and (3) USED tires purchased that night (starting with 4 inventoried tires) purchased from the track. This number is the maximum number of tires that can be registered by a new driver. If a NEW tire is not purchased, the driver forfeits said tire. No tire banking allowed.

The maximum number of tires allowed in a driver’s race inventory throughout the season will be twelve (12) tires. Once a driver’s inventory has filled up to twelve (12) tires, that driver must begin to manage their inventory by replacing used/junk/scrap tires. Tires that you throw away must have their barcode number designated as such. Please notify the Chemung Speedrome Tire Official of any tires you discard and will not use. Chemung Speedrome Officials may change or amend this rule at any time.

If a tire cannot be identified, it will be considered illegal. Chemung Speedrome Officials may confiscate and/or impound tires at any time for inspection.


The JTR Eagle PPM Tester will be set at a fixed level and will be strictly enforced throughout the 2017 season.

3. Maximum tire width 80" measured outside to outside of tire at the center line of the wheel hub.

4. One (1) wheel spacer allowed per wheel. Each spacer must be steel and a maximum of .5" (1/2") thick.

5. No use of bleed off or pop off to control tire pressure.

6. Tire durometer readings will be checked. A minimum softness may be declared at the beginning of a race event.

7. Safety hubs, right front only are allowed. No wide 5 design.

8. Hand grooving, buffing, grinding, and or cutting on any area of the racing tire will not be permitted. Tires that have been altered by unauthorized treatment will not be permitted.


NOTICE: A participant competing in any race at Chemung Speedrome specifically agrees that he/she acknowledges it is illegal to soak or treat racing tires and that said soaking or treatment of racing tires is subject to disqualification from race, forfeiting of the event points and monies of that race, forfeiting all previous points earned that season and subject to suspension, determined by Chemung Speedrome Officials.


1. Parts must be stock for make and model no heavy duty or limited product. All suspension components must be in original position. All suspension mounting points must be unaltered with the exception of the upper A-arm mount may be moved in or out a maximum of 2". Racing springs may be used, springs must mount in original spring mounting bracket position and location, only 4 springs are allowed per car and must be stock in appearance. Coil springs may be cut. No adjustable shocks. Front shocks may be relocated. No coil over shocks. Spring is to be 3/4" diameter maximum.

2. Front sway bar may use magnetic steel type sway bar. sway bar no larger than 1 1/4" in diameter and must be bolted to the frame, no spacers. The right side of sway bar must be mounted solid. No rear sway bar allowed.

3. A-frames must remain stock and unaltered. After market A- frames allowed. They must be stock dimension and in stock location.

4. Stock type shocks only. Car with front jacking bolts a $100 list price maximum on shocks. No aluminum shocks. No air shocks. No rebuild able shocks. No coil over shocks.

5. Adjustable spring spacers or Jacking bolts are allowed.

6. NO mono balls or heim joint end allowed. Lower trailing arms must be stock length for make, model and year of car. Must be mounted in factory location. Upper trailing arms may be altered and or adjustable OEM replacements. Stock rubber bushings may be replaced with aftermarket metal or urethane bushings. No adjustable or offset bushings allowed. All suspension mounting points must remain unaltered.

7. After market front spindles allowed, must be stock dimension. No lowering or offsets allowed.

8. Tubular front upper arms permitted, must remain stock dimensions. Must use stock mount, non adjustable. Recommended upper control arms UBM15-0809-5R and UBM15-0829-5L, all additional stock mount, non-offset replacement length arm will be at the discretion of the officials. Left must be on the left, right must be on the right. Lower control arms; must be in original OEM position. Replacement Neoprene bushing allowed. No steel bushings. No offset, aluminum or bearing type bushings in control arms.

9. Lower control arm: May use stock rubber bushings, aftermarket urethane or metal bushings. No Mono balls or offset bushings allowed. Stock or aftermarket as in Johnson’s part #JC1-09-02-003 L or R. Or similar. (www.johnsonchassis.com)

10. Steel bushing may replace rubber bushings.


1. Steering column must remain in stock location. Stock column may be removed and a steel shaft may be used. Must be supported by heim joints, securely installed. Quick release steering wheel hubs, made of steel must be used. They must be welded to the steering shaft. Must use after market racing type steering wheel. No steering quickeners. The steering wheel center must be padded. Optional aftermarket power steering pumps may be used. Must be approved by Speedrome officials. Stock center link, pitman arm, idler arm, tie rod ends and adjuster sleeves must be used and can not be altered. No heim joints allowed. Tap tube type adjusters with lock nuts may be used.


1. OEM type rear ends or nine inch Ford allowed. OEM carrier only no ratchet, after market carriers or aluminum parts allowed. Ford nine inch full floaters are allowed.


1. Cast iron OEM disc brake components may be used only. Stock OEM hydraulic brakes are mandatory on all 4 wheels and must be in 100% working order. Rear disc brakes allowed if the particular manufacturer had used them in production and providing the calipers are stock OEM parts. Single piston calipers only. No heavy duty or limited production parts. Must have Duel brake system. After market dual master cylinders may be used. No bias adjustments in drivers compartment. No drilling or lightening of the rotors, calipers, drums or backing plates.


1. Car must weigh no less then 3150. All weight is WITH driver in car. All cars must have a 56% left side weight with driver al all times. No allowance for gas after the race. No weight may be mounted in driver’s compartment. If ballast weight is needed to make total weight, it must be securely fastened to the inside of frame rails. Weight must be painted white with car # in dark paint. No steel or lead pellets. Weight adjustments will be made on over competitive cars.

2. Ride height will be 6"

3. Maximum rear weight will be no more then 49% of total weight WITH driver.

4. Track scales will be final.


1. Cars must have a complete, full roll cage around the driver that must be welded to the frame. Tubing for roll cages must be 1 3/4" out side diameter and must be made of steel. Minimum wall thickness of roll cage tubing is .090.

2. There must be a minimum of 3 horizontal and 3 vertical bars within the drive’s door. There must be at least 2 horizontal and 2 vertical bars within any remaining doors. All welds must have gussets. Only complete welds all the way around tubing will be accepted. No offset cages allowed. No threaded pipe, pipe fittings, aluminum, angle iron or channel iron will be allowed.

3. All roll cage bars, side bars or other protrusions that are within 18" of the driver must be properly padded.

4. Doors must be welded.


1. All seats must be aluminum and must have headrest or high back seat. Seat must be attached to roll cage and frame with 6 piece grade 5 bolts 3/8 diameter and USS washers. Back of seat must be mounted to the roll cage. No fiberglass or plastic seats.

2. Quick release 5 point restraint system that is designed for racing is mandatory. Also mandatory are minimum 3" wide lap belt and shoulder harness and a 2" wide antisubmarine strap with a central release. All safety belts must be no more than 5 years old and must have identification tag. All harnesses subject to tech inspectors approval.

3. Shoulder harness must be attached to the roll cage. Absolutely no original equipment belts.

4. Hans or Hutchins head and neck restraints are recommended!!


1. All cars must have a fuel cell with foam inserts, 22 gallons maximum. Plastic cells are permitted, but must be enclosed in a steel container made of minimum 20 gauge steel. An 8 gallon cell is recommended.

2. Fuel cell must be mounted in center of trunk. No off set permitted. Bottom of fuel cell must be no lower then the centerline of the rear axle. Fuel cell must be securely fastened, bolted or strapped. Minimum outside diameter of 1" “X” welded beneath fuel cell, frame rail to rail. Fuel cell vent must exit the car at the rear left corner of the trunk.

3. Sunoco fuel will the official fuel for Chemung Speedrome. Sunoco purple 110 fuel will be sold at Chemung Speedrome. There will be no mixing of fuel and no additives added to the fuel. Fuel will be tested weekly. Any fuel not meeting track specs will be deemed illegal and you will be disqualified. All car owners in the Super Stock class are required to purchase and run 5 gallons of the Sunoco 110 fuel each week, unless you are running a Crate engine. You need to make sure a receipt is given to you for your purchase. You will be asked for your receipt at some point during the night so keep it handy. Your receipt will be numbered and a copy will be kept in your file. If you are found not to have purchased 5 gallons of fuel at the track each night you could lose all money and points for that night, and a fine may incur.

New York Super Stock Rules
Chemung Speedrome Additions

1. See New York Super Stocks rules page.


1. New York Super Stock cars must weigh a minimum of 3250lbs. (100lbs over a Chemung Super Stock weight).


1. All New York Super Stocks must use the fuel rule in Option #1.


1. All New York Super Stocks must adhere to Option #1 Tire and Wheel rules.




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